Home Inspection Highlights




We will inspect and operate both the heating and air conditioning systems. (A/C cannot be operated in cold weather). We identify type, size and age of these systems. We also inspect visible ducting and thermostat, and advise on maintenance schedule.



Our inspection looks at water supply, distribution and waste disposal. We operate all plumbing fixtures and make visual observation of performance. We inspect for proper materials and installation. We also inspect and determine age of water heater.



We test a representative number of outlets, checking polarity and grounding We test all GFCI receptacles. We open the service panel and inspect for proper wiring and grounding, looking for any deficiencies. We report on service amperage capacity.

radon testing


A naturally occurring gas, radon can be harmful to us when concentrated. The EPA and Surgeon General recommend testing of all homes in the U.S. If your home tests above safe levels, the problem can be remedied, generally for a reasonable cost.
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