Why Get a Home Inspection

Being an informed buyer is very important. If there are issues with your home that need attention, now is the time to find out. We encourage you to attend the inspection for a first hand look at the condition of your home, maintenance recommendations and to answer any questions you may have.

For home buyers

Begin your home ownership experience with the peace of mind that your home will be safe for you and your family to enjoy. The report can also be used in negotiation with the seller if there are issues that need attention.

For home sellers

You can prevent any delays or surprises in the selling process by becoming familiar with the condition of your property. Address any issues upfront to enhance the showing potential of the home and avoid scaring off a potential buyer with problems that may be much less significant than a buyer perceives.

Owners of new construction

In Minnesota home builders are required to offer the 1-2-10 warranty. One year coverage on the house as a whole. Two years coverage on mechanical systems such as plumbing and heating. Ten years coverage on the structure. Even if you didn’t buy directly from the builder if your house falls into these time frames you are covered. Remodeling done by licensed contractors is also covered.

Home owners

Our maintenance inspection informs you of actions that may be needed to head off future repairs. It is always less costly to perform proper maintenance on an ongoing basis than to be faced with larger repairs later on.


Buying distressed properties usually means as-is with no inspection contingency. A pre- offer inspection will help determine the extent of rehab needed and therefore what offer can be made on the property.